Session 1:  Short and long-term variations of the neutral atmosphere (including Water Vapour, AGWs, airglow, mesosphere, thermosphere, low-high latitude connections)

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The Earth's neutral atmosphere presents a range of physical, chemical and dynamic phenomena, including atmospheric gravity waves (AGWs), planetary waves, chemistry and dynamics of ozone, water vapor and other greenhouse gases. Measurements of atmospheric parameters, including temperature and winds, can be performed by using ground-based instruments, balloons and satellite onboard instruments. All possible available measurements, when combined with modeling or multi-instrumental analyses, can improve our overall knowledge on the neutral atmosphere, the coupling between the different neutral layers, the coupling between the upper neutral atmosphere and ionosphere. The processes occurring in the Earth`s atmosphere, in particular at high latitudes, are extremely important for weather forecast models and general circulation models. This session is open to receive works involving the above aspects of the neutral atmosphere, including specifically observations and modeling of gravity waves, airglow and planetary waves in the mesosphere and thermosphere, and its coupling to lower layers (stratosphere and troposphere); long-term variations on temperature and/or winds, water vapor, ozone and other chemical atmospheric gases. Especially, reports on studies involving Antarctica and its connections to mid/low-latitudes are welcome.